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Mybkexperience : The burger is one of the most liked snacks items for many people. Burger King is the leader in making and selling such mount watery snacks item. People from various parts of the world are accustomed to this name, ‘Burger King’. The fast-food chain restaurant cares a lot about the customer’s satisfaction. This is the reason why they conduct regular surveys and feedback form to know the viewpoints of the customers. It is very important to find out what exactly the customer feels about the service quality of an organization. The chairperson of burger king has an opinion that the feedback from the customers is the actual strength of the company. This can boost the profitability of the organization.

About Burger King

Burger King is a well-known name of an American restaurant chain supplying different types of snacks items. Today it has expanded its arms towards various nations and became a global chain.

The organization was founded in the year 1953. The place of its establishment in Jacksonville in Florida. Burger King has its headquarter in a different place. The address is 5505 Blue lagoon drive, Florida, United States. It is also known as Miami Dade County. For years, this organization is working to serve people of all kind seeking for tasty snacks. Burger King is meant for the best quality food in great taste.

The orientation of the menu in Burger King

The trendy fast-food chain restaurant, burger king is not restricted to just a few collections of food. Rather, the company management takes time to change the menu regularly as per the taste and preference of the customers. They conduct the survey for their existing customers. They open their heart to speak what changes they require in the menu of the Burger King.  The menu has largely expanded from basic burgers to many friend items.

Today, this company has included more menus. Those are the milkshakes, soda, French fries etc. Thus, people can also order all these apart from burgers right from the burger king outlet. Even the Burger items and variety have changed as per the demand of customers. Today, the fast food snack restaurant serves the Burgers in variety like whoppers, vegetarians as well as chickens. The customers can also get hot beverages, coolers, desserts as well as king savers.

Business plans of Burger King

The Burger King previously was dominated by the male-oriented menu. But, many customers asked to make changes. This gave rise to product reformulation. Even the packaging has got considerable changes. The 3G capital restructuring plans have created another great positive change to the business of the well-known chain restaurant. The chain restaurant business is spread across 100 countries. Among them, around 47.5% was owned in the US. The maximum of the outlets is privately owned. But, there is a franchise model owned by the new owners getting its operation in the country. Also, the concept of the franchise is absolutely a new concept. There is some regional franchisee within the country. The agreement and procedure of license by the Burger King to its newly adopted franchisee are different. This depends on several factors. This will depend on the region in which the individuals have taken up the franchise.

How to participate in Burger King survey –

The customers with the willingness to participate in the Burger King survey must follow the step by step instructions.  For this, you need to have your restaurant bill. Following are the steps:

Step 1 – Go to the official website and click the survey option. You can also get the direct link at

Step 2 – Once the survey page opens, you will be asked to put the restaurant number. Now, this is readily available on your restaurant bill

Step 3 – Now click the next button and start the survey.

What do you need to participate in the survey –

  • It is very important to get a receipt of Burger King Netherlands
  • You must have a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.
  • The internet facility is a must but that must have a proportionate speed
  • Do you have some time to spend? The survey normally takes 5-7 minutes to complete
  • You must be very familiar with one of the 3 languages. Hose are Dutch, English, and Spanish.

It is very important to visit the website first. The site has all instructions imbibed in it. The survey will ask about the date and time. This is the date and time which is mentioned in the bill of the Burger King. The survey code will be needed for this.

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